Relocating to Telluride

Well here we go.

A lot of new changes are taking place around here! This is just one of many new, big changes in the works.

For starters, a completely new website and branding for my photo work. It's been surprisingly refreshing going through this change, revisiting old work, curating new work and bringing it all together here.  This transition is ultimately rooted in a much bigger, deeper change though.

That change is Telluride.

I'll tell you the beginning of this story soon enough, but for now it's all about expanding and growing. I am expanding my photography business to Telluride Colorado. And I am growing into, transitioning into, a 15 year dream that has morphed and changed over the years. It's a perfectly aged dream of owning my business, raising my boys in Telluride and traveling. Hopefully frequently back to Pittsburgh, my favorite city.

So for now, this is just the first chapter of a new book I'm writing.

I'm glad you're here. Checking things out.

Hey and let me know if you see anything catastrophically wrong, like misspelled words or forgetting to put my email address up!


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