I wasn't shooting a lot back then, 2001, but I was shooting film. To be honest I still didn't know what I was doing. But I was learning, slowly.

I had taken this shot and a few pictures of a friend's daughter. It was his birthday and I wanted to give him some beautiful pictures of his beautiful girl.

So 7 year old Little Miss and I ran all over town making pictures, precious one, she was such a blast to hang with!

So I had these black and white pictures, I was so excited to get them developed, his birthday just a few days away,


there was no where in town that could develop B&W Tri X 35mm film.

So sad, my good idea going to waste?! I think not!

Someone recommended asking around at the Telluride High School, they had a dark room maybe they could help!


I didn't know how to develop my own film! But "THIS is TELLURIDE" they said.

I walked into the school, told them my problem, they sent me towards the darkroom to find the teacher.

The teacher was on the way to teach another class so I got a 30 second crash course,

a couple of pre-teen fellow students to ask for help from and I developed my first roll of film, that I shot, in Telluride.


I love making pictures.

telluride photographer | abie Livesay Photographer
Source: Telluride Colorado Mountains