Fall Mini Sessions | Laurel Highlands Photography | Family Portraits

Hey let's jump on the bandwagon!

First time ever, I am offering mini sessions, out in the Laurel Highlands,

deep in the woods at a private location, perfect time for beautiful fall colors, don't miss out!

30 min. | $200 | Minimum of 25 digital images | Sunday Oct 23rd

Unique portraits of the real you


for available times and details

TELLURIDE 15 YEARS AGO | Abie Livesay Photographer

It all started with a post card

In 2000 a dear friend moved from her beautiful Victorian home outside of Pittsburgh to Telluride Colorado.

We hadn't talked in a few months, pre cell phones, email etc. busy lives. Although I hadn't heard from her in a while, I didn't expected to get a postcard from the Rockies saying she had moved away!!

What a wild and free spirit she is.

The postcard, an invitation to visit and mention of beautiful, interesting people enticed this outdoor loving tomboy to look into it more.

And so in 2001 I moved to Telluride, knowing one person and having a very overly packed old Saab, a skill-set and enthusiasm for adventure I found a place to crash and a job, or three.

I fell in love with Telluride.

If you've been there you get it, if you haven't been, check it out...as soon as possible!

More Telluride love stories to come...


Boxwood Photography to Abie Livesay Photographer

I'm glad you asked!

Boxwood was exactly what I needed it to be when I started it in 2010. I'd been photographing weddings "part time" for three years at that point. I originally started Boxwood with my brother Josh, remember that?! Josh was an amazing help in getting the business end of things off the ground and I'm so glad I had his support.
 He taught me so much. SO MUCH, ask me in person some time about all the embarrassing things I should have known in starting a photog biz but had NO CLUE about. That's me, Willy Nilly. Josh, not so much. He had the business end down!

Moving forward, once Boxwood got her feet on the ground my brother stepped out and onto other things. So I was flying solo, with a killer foundation and lots of support, Boxwood took off and I've never looked back.

But now, with looking at a big scale change like expanding and moving and growing, somehow it just seems fitting to also have a new start name wise. It's still me, but more of just me. And that's a lot.

So, Boxwood Photography to Abie Livesay Photographer

0-60 in seconds flat.