Screen Saver Love | Telluride Wedding Photographer

Can't blame me for surrounding myself with views like this, it's on my computer and just out the door!  

Telluride Autumn Views | Telluride Photographer | Last Dollar Road

Abie Livesay Photography - Telluride Photographer - Town of Telluride (4 of 11).jpg

So crisp and cool, I love this view on Last Dollar Road. A popular spot to stop and make some pictures outside of Telluride for sure! 

Ghost Town Telluride | Man I love this place! | Telluride Photographer

Telluride Photographer- Ghost Town Grocer

Ghost Town is one of my favorite little spots in Telluride for coffee, amazing- real food, fresh juices and milk, bread, oh man, I could hang here all day. And as weird as it is, pay attention when someone goes in the bathroom, so cool...

Dreaming about Telluride Mountain views today! | Telluride Photographer Abie Livesay | Telluride Wedding

Telluride Colorado Ajax | Town Park | Abie Livesay Photography

There's some chilly trout swimming through the San Juan River this day!

Night Strolls Through Telluride - Abie Livesay Telluride Photographer

Maybe it's because I grew up in very rainy Pittsburgh, but I LOVE shooting in less than perfect conditions weather wise. This sleeting, foggy walk home from Cosmopolitan made for some beautiful views of the mountains surrounding Telluride. I love the inviting, warm glow from the homes and shops on the back alley.