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We can go wherever you'd like, based on the collection that you choose. Be sure to check out my LOCATION GUIDE for inspiration and maps. Things to consider are, do you want urban Telluride/ Mountain Village and mountain views or one over another, or both!


Are you working around a schedule or do we have freedom in when we meet? Is sunrise or sunset a priority? Some locations are ideal for sunrise while others are better for sunset. And midday has it's own list of ideal locations. However, we can make anything work if you're flexible with your desired outcome, EVERYWHERE is beautiful in Telluride!

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The most important thing is to dress for our ever changing weather! A great outfit becomes less important if you're freezing or unable to freely move through the locations. I typically recommend wearing clothes you feel confident in, with multiple layers and versatile shoes to give more options. Multiple outfits are fine as long as we have enough time within the collection you've chosen. Selecting collection ONE with 3 outfit changes won't likely work.


A good time! Let's go have some fun together in this gorgeous part of our beautiful country! I try to keep things relaxed, easy and fun, no pressure to perform! After the session I'll have your edited, processed images uploaded to your gallery for delivery in no later than 2 weeks. "Processed" images are BASIC light and color correction, or what you see on my website. I do not "Photoshop" skin, chins, extra people, different lighting, backgrounds etc. etc. Working with the authentic and realistic aspects of life is what we are all about. "Photoshopping" anything in addition to my delivered product can be outsourced to my graphic designer at $185 and hour.